Finding Business Ideas

You want to start a venture but you don’t know where to start?
Here 5 short ideas on where you can find business ideas.

1.Look for small opportunities hiding in big changes
A big change could be a social or demographic change such as aging baby boomers(health care) or the rising number of obese youth(sugar-free/fat-free). A business opportunity hiding in this change could be to provide a service targeted at these changing demographic trends.

2.Look to past employment

Was there something the company couldn’t do for their customer? You could fill that need!

3. Look at existing inventions
Look at products and think of how they could be improved
Have you ever thought how to improve a something you use everyday?

4. Look at what people want or need that isn’t being provided
This can come from personal experiences or current issues in the news.

5. Political and regulatory changes...
...could support or subsidize particular types of business activities. Think about the carbon market, farm subsidies, banning of trans-fats.

So there are a few places you can look to find a business idea, good luck!

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